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  • GovCA was initially created based on the Law Nº 18/2010 of 12/05/2010 with the mission to have a role of accredited CA for the validation of user’s digital identity over public and private network.

    This law was replaced by Law n°24/2016 of 18/06/2016 governing Information and Communication Technologies. This law gives GovCA the authority to:
    1. 1) Operate and manage the CA systems and its functions in accordance with the RootCA-CP;
    2. 2) Issue and manage certificates to user or juridical entities, used for general or specific purpose;
    3. 3) Publish certificates revocation information;
    4. 4) Handle revocation request regarding certificate issued by the CA; and
    5. 5) Notification of issuance, revocation, suspension or renewal of its certificates.

    GovCA issue digital certificates using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), which guarantee confidentiality, integrity, authentication and non-repudiation in electronic transaction and communication. GovCA play a crucial role in laying the foundation of our information society, including involvement in electronic commerce, electronic banking and electronic government.

    GovCA have an important task to increase confidence between parties carrying out electronic transactions in Rwanda's cyberspace.

Legal Effects of a licensed Certification Authority

The digital signature generated by digital certificate which is issued from accredited CA has the same effect with hand written signature by the law governing Information and Communication Technologies.