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Digital Certificate Definition
  • A digital certificate is an electronic document that is used to identify an individual, a server, a company, or other entity, and to pair their identity with a public key. Digital certificate validates a person's identity same as a passport, a national ID, or other commonly used personal IDs . Digital certificates use public key cryptography to undertake the problem of impersonation.

    The certification authority guarantees integrity and credibility of user certificate by making the digital signature on the digital certificate of users with its private key. The private key of the issuer on the digital certificate has same power as the seal or stamp in real world.

    The digital certificate contain information about the key, the identity of its owner, and the digital signature of the issuer, which is the certification authority. If the signature is valid, and the system checking the certificate trusts the issuer, then it can use that key to communicate securely with the certificate's subject. The international standard related to digital certificate is X.509 V3.